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Indian Weddings

I spent many years traveling and studying in India AND attending Indian weddings! I feel truly fortunate to be able to now serve as the Officiant at many weddings which include rituals and traditions from India. Some examples are:

- Officiating ceremonies alongside Hindu pundits or Brahmins in which a civil ceremony and a traditional religious ceremony are performed one after the other.
- Interfaith ceremonies in which elements of traditional rituals, sacred texts and poetry are woven together with elements of another faith or culture and reflect the new tapestry the couple is creating together.
- Eclectic wedding ceremonies in which these beautiful rituals have been adopted because of their beauty, symbolic depth and universal sacred significance.

Below you will see a visual sampling of these stunning and meaningful wedding ceremonies.

Gamble Gardens
Palo Alto, CA

Flower Petals Showered During 7 Step Ceremony
Beach Wedding, Mexico

City View at Metreon
San Francisco, CA

Ramekins Culinary School
Sonoma, CA

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