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As the birthplace, heart and hub of the Equality in Marriage movement, the San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect setting for same sex weddings as couples from all over the world travel here to declare their love and commitment to each other. I have been honored to be a part of so many of these weddings for many, many years. Please read the information page for fees and services because it is the SAME for all faiths, beliefs and orientations! And enjoy some photos and testimonials from of some of my brides and brides and some of my grooms and grooms.

We felt as if we had known Shyamala for years and were talking to an old friend! She was welcoming, kind and understanding of our unique needs. We now consider her part of our extended family. Our wedding was enhanced by Shyamala! Thank you for your attention to detail, your kind words to our family and friends and the wonderful wedding ceremony. We highly recommend Shyamala to any couple looking for an officiant.

Gordon and Scott
The Cliff House

My fiancée and I found the prospect of making so many decisions about our ceremony daunting - what did we want to say to each other? Should we have a reading? A ring blessing? Would we write our own vows? Shyamala took all the stress and pressure out of the decision-making - she made the process more of an easy conversation about what was important to us and how we fell in love. Through this casual process, Shyamala developed a sense for our style and what was important to us, and reflected that beautifully in the ceremony. We were looking for someone who would help us craft a wedding that represented both our sense of humor and the importance we placed on our vows, someone who ould bring gravitas and a sense of ritual without making us feel pressured or burdened by traditional expectations. Shyamala delivered on all counts.

Barb and Rebecca
San Francisco City Hall

We could not have asked for a better officiant for our wedding. Shyamala’s calm, caring energy came through during each conversation and her words during the ceremony captured who we are individually and as a couple. Throughout she expressed genuine happiness for us and acknowledged the joy we all felt. We have been together for 25 years and truly didn't expect our eventual wedding to be as joyful and memorable as if we were a new couple. Shyamala will always have our heartfelt thanks.

Rob and Kevin

Shyamala, was a joy to work with. She really captured our personalities through her words and our wedding ceremony was perfectly suited to us, heartfelt and touching. We live in Colorado and Shyamala was very easy to work with in preparing our wedding ceremony.

Jill and Jen

We had a winter ceremony on a Cliff overlooking the ocean. It was cold and windy and Shyamala was completely open and flexible with the experience. We are pretty low key, and yet the ceremony was meaningful and lovely. A wonderful and personal experience with an clearly skilled and experienced officiant.

Jodi and Andrea

Had a wonderful experience with Shyamala. She took all our recommendations, asked questions to provoke thought and was warm and flexible. She turned our 25 year anniversary and wedding day into a special day. I would recommend her for your future wedding ceremonies. Thanks again Shyamala. You were awesome!!!

Craig and Joe

We have been a couple since 1978 when we met at a hospital where we both worked as nurses.. Shyamala performed a simple, warm and loving marriage rite. She could not have been any kinder or respectful of us. We were very moved to finally be married and will remember it always. We will be grateful to Shyamala for providing a wonderful forever experience.

Nancy and Phyllis