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Choosing Shyamala to be our wedding officiant was one of the BEST decisions we've made for the wedding. Because of our multicultural background, my husband and I wanted a nonreligious, lighthearted, and personal ceremony, and she went above and beyond our expectation. She listened to our story thoughtfully and made us feel very special - we immediately felt connected to her. She gave us lots of helpful advice, and told us that a wedding is not a performance but an experience.

On the wedding day, it was magical. So many guests came up to us saying that it was the most personal and touching ceremony they've ever been to. Some thought she was an old friend. She included our stories and thoughts and crafted them so beautifully by using metaphors and an old Japanese proverb.

This whole wedding experience was so new to us (especially since we didn’t know anything about American weddings) but meeting such a wonderful and sincere person made this experience so special and unforgettable. Thank you again Shyamala!

Tomoko and Nick Lim
Lafayette, CA

[For complete review go to Yelp.com.]

Shyamala put an incredible amount of thought and energy into our wedding ceremony to make it exceptionally personal, relevant, and memorable. During the planning phases she did a lot of research to propose ideas that would make our ceremony uniquely ours, and collaborated with us to make sure it was the experience we wanted to have. Thanks to Shyamala, she helped make our special day truly special.

Irene and Bradley
Palo Alto, Ca

Shyamala exceeded our expectations by miles. The only agenda she brings to the table is to give you a ceremony that reflects who you are and the experience you want your guests to have. We engaged her on short (~3 weeks notice) and went in with only the most nebulous idea of what we wanted. Shyamala asked good, insightful questions that brought us to an understanding of what we wanted. She is very free and creative with suggestions, and many of them were spot on, but she wasn't the least bit pushy about the ones that missed. She was totally open to whatever we wanted to do, while being tactful and respectful with guidance. She was a consummate professional at all times (I don't say this lightly - I think professionals are rare in any industry), both in manner and performance of duty, while somehow being one of the warmest and most sincere people I have ever met. Our wedding would not have been as deep, fun, smart, or sincere without her. I recommend her with no reservations.

Holly and Shakeel Joggia
Berkeley, CA

Choosing Ceremonies for Sacred days was the best decision -I cannot tell you enough! Shyamala is such a kind, loving and sweet woman. I can't even count the number of compliments our guests had for the beautiful ceremony she helped us put together. She made it soo personal and soo unique that everyone felt like they had been friends with us for ages. Even through her life, Shyamala is such an inspiration and a perfect choice for our unique ceremony. I'm tearing up just thinking about how deep down she truly got to know us and it was amazing how great she reflected that through the ceremony. THANK YOU! from the bottom of our hearts.

Peter & Manda Robertson
San Francisco, CA

Our first contact with Shyamala Littlefield was when she responded WITHIN HOURS of our posting our need for a wedding officiant on a "Find an Officiant" website. After speaking with her we really wanted to engage her, but decided on a simple courtroom ceremony so that relatives could be present. When those plans fell through (ten days before the event!) we again contacted Shyamala, who was available and willing to be our officiant. She was most helpful and compassionate, hearing our love story and offering some radiant insights. She helped us craft a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony, weaving our poetry and writings with some of her own prayers and vows. She even cheerfully clambered down the steep stairs to the beach where the ceremony took place. Instead of a dry, cookie cutter civil ceremony we had the wedding of our dreams!

Alison & Alan
Carmel, CA

Thank you so very much for officiating our wedding. We were very happy and loved the day and got many compliments about how nice the ceremony was. I appreciate you working with us to tailor the ceremony just for us. It was so special and you were a perfect fit. And I really appreciated your lightheartedness, approachability, and the beautiful heartfelt ceremony you created for us.

Nathan and Nicole Howell
Palo Alto, CA

Multi-Generational Sand Ceremony

The many generations & blended family members offer their blessings and were honored as each poured a different color of sand into the vase. The final design of 13 layers was gorgeous, and created a lasting remembrance of the celebration.

Thank you so much for making our wedding an absolute dream come true. It was hard finding someone who understood our need for a simple, yet classy and romantic ceremony, and you pulled it off gracefully. Thank you so much for sharing who you are with us, sharing our love story with our guests, and making our special day as memorable as it was!

Dave & Tanesha
Milpitas, CA

[Note: Dave & Tanesha had two ceremonies one after another – Tanesha’s dream wedding with white gown and vows which I officiated at; and Dave’s Hindu wedding with fire ceremony and Brahmin priest.]

Dear Shyamala,

Thank you so much for being the sure hand that guided us in the renewal of our vows. We and all our guests appreciated the feeling of ease, spontaneity, and joy that flowed through the entire ceremony. You had exactly the right words and were so sensitive to the feelings of the moment - a masterful job!

With gratitude,
Nada and Bernie Clyne
Woodbourne, NY

Shyamala Littlefield did a superb job with our wedding ceremony. We could not have been more pleased. What was astonishing to both myself and the groom was that we were not able to provide her with very much information about what we wanted and only told her to keep it very simple. That isn't much to go on! And it was as if she read our minds (and hearts) and created a perfect expression of our intention of love and commitment. She said everything we would have wanted to say, with eloquence and grace, and nothing superfluous or 'canned'. We were deeply grateful and touched by our simple but profound ceremony.

Manjula and Steve
Gualala, CA

Shyamala was marvelous, professional, warm and gracious. She made us feel comfortable as we wrote our feelings about each other and guided us in designing our wedding vows. Michael and I are not "writers" but Shyamala made us look like it! Our guests particularly commented on the sincerity and intimacy of the ceremony. Thank you Shyamala!

Stephanie and Michael
San Francisco, CA

My husband and I had the pleasure of Shyamala officiating our wedding ceremony in August 2011. Everything about how Shyamala runs her business (really, she provides a service), her professionalism, fair pricing, custom or template options for vows and such are all top notch! You will not be disapointed by just getting in touch with her.

Laura and Jean Paul
Pacifica, CA

Shyamala had her work cut out when it came to serving as officiant for our wedding. We wanted someone to WOW us; someone insightful, a spiritual visionary if you will, to impart real words of wisdom to us as we set out to fulfill the rest of our days together. (We are entering our "Senior Years.") Shyamala didn't disappoint us, but rather, exceeded our expectations! Her words had real meaning for us both, especially the Celtic Handfasting Ceremony, as we are both Celtic. She was thoughtful enough to send us a nicely presented copy of her wedding discourse, as well. We reside in the Northern California Foothills, so we were really impressed that she inconvenienced herself by traveling quite some distance to officiate at our wedding, something she clearly didn't have to do...if you're wanting someone like THIS to make your special day absolutely unforgettable, then take my advice...call Shy!!!

Mike and Judy
Oroville, CA

Shyamala was very nice and professional. She really listened to us and asked great questions so she created a tailor-made ceremony for us. We didn't really know what we wanted but Shyamala was able to put together a terrific ceremony that was just perfect and unique to us as a couple. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an officiant. Shyamala is very flexible and provides great service both before and after your ceremony has been completed.

Suzette and Hans
Berkeley, CA

After searching for weeks to find the right person, the PERFECT person responded - Shyamala. If you need someone who listens, makes you feel like you are part of her family and is just the sweetest person ever...contact Shyamala. We live in Los Angeles but our wedding was in the Central Valley (Modesto). All of our meetings were via webcam and she was unbelievably patient, kind and guided us throughout the process. We didn't worry once about how the actual ceremony would work out once we spoke to her. I can't say enough great things about her. Don't waste your time contacting others...she is the best! She will not disappoint you.

THANK YOU Shyamala for everything!! You made our ceremony the feature that everyone complimented us on the most and we will never forget your kindness and guidance.

Theresa and Alex
Los Angeles, CA

When we were planning our wedding and the conversation came up about whom to officiate, there wasn’t even a discussion. Shyamala! Shyamala has an easeful style that is very personable and respectful.

One on one or with a large group, Shyamala can create an intimate connection; she is at ease and puts you at ease – a much needed quality on the wedding day! Shyamala treats all people and regards all things with respect; she made us feel that our wedding ceremony was the most important event she had every done. The genuine care and love that Shyamala brings to all she does and imparts to all those she meets, made our day special indeed. She wants you to have the best, to be the best, and with Shyamala, you can expect the best.

Michele & Thom Cayce
Hurleyville, NY

Shyamala Littlefield is an exceptional officiant. She has the love, compassion and intuition to connect with you authentically and help you to create a ceremony that reflects your deepest values. She has the presence, inspiration and good humor to touch the hearts of you and your guests. And Shyamala brings a deeply rooted connection with the sacred that breathes life and love into any ceremony. We wholeheartedly recommend Shyamala and her services.

Prema & Scott Sheerin
Santa Barbara, CA

Shyamala is very personable and caring and amongst our stresses, reminded us to talk to each other in a more loving way [sometimes you need that!!]. She created a special ceremony unique to us and made us feel comfortable being the center of attention. Thank you Shyamala.

The Goforths
Pittsburg, CA

We loved our ceremony, you made it special for us!

Dave and Renee Abercrombie
Las Vegas, NV