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  Ceremony Writing
 when friend or family is officiating   

This is not the same ceremony you’ve seen over and over again! My expertise is in asking the questions that will bring both of YOU forward in your ceremony. Your story, your personalities, your relationship, your unique journey together all come forward easily in our conversations. We discover your history, your inspirations, your endearing quirks, who you might want to honor and include, and more. I don’t use questionnaires because I find that it is in your storytelling that your language, your style and your vision take form into the most perfect ceremony for you.

And then, after we’ve created your wedding script, I will coach your designated officiant to deliver it with ease and joy. Since the prospect of officiating can be overwhelming for someone who has never done it before, the invitation to your friend or family member can come with the assurance of a ceremony script, presentation coaching and unlimited consultations.

I offer:
  • A unique and moving ceremony script
  • Access to my curated collections of vows, ring blessings, readings, and rituals
  • Coaching for your friend or family member, so they can guide the ceremony and deliver the script with ease and confidence.
  • Assistance in legalizing the officiant so they can sign your wedding license. This can be online or being deputized for the day by a County Clerk. The process varies by state and county.
  • Unlimited zoom calls for the entire process with both couple and officiant

My fee for this package is $500.

Alicia and Brooke

Here's what Brooke and Alicia had to say about their experience:

Working with Shyamala on our wedding ceremony was a total pleasure from start to finish. She is a very special person, who makes you feel cherished and held as a couple. We wanted an intentional, customized wedding ceremony, but didn’t have the time or expertise to create it ourselves from scratch. Using the pieces that we discussed in our sessions and her own beautiful writing, Shyamala composed a bespoke and meaningful ceremony for us. We had some things we wanted to add or clarify in the editing process and Shyamala was very open to making changes. Shyamala worked closely with our chosen officiant through Zoom sessions and email. Our officiant said that she felt very supported and therefore capable to lead the wedding ceremony – something she had never done before. In the end, all the pieces came together beautifully. We felt great about how it turned out and we also received many comments on how personalized and special it was.

We are an LGBTQ couple and we felt very seen and loved while working with Shyamala.

Brooke and Alicia

And their friend Rebecca, who had never officiated a ceremony before:

The wedding and my personal experience were so rich and fulfilling. I’m calling it a lifetime highlight. Thank you for all your support. You are incredible with this! I could feel that your expertise had my back throughout.

Rebecca - Friend Celebrant for Brooke and Alicia
  *     *     *
  Officiant - Amy Essigmann
I've attended two weddings with absolutely beautiful ceremonies officiated by Shyamala. Her warmth, strength, and experience really come through in both her working style and the ceremonies she performs. In fact, I was so impressed with Shyamala that I reached out to her for mentorship when I was asked to officiate the wedding of two close friends. She walked me through the planning process, and with the help of her wisdom and expertise I had the skills and confidence to plan and officiate a ceremony that I was very proud of, and that the bride and groom were ecstatic with. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Shyamala - she is the real deal!" 

Amy Officiating in Massachusetts
Sonam and Sandeep

Here’s what Sonam and Sandeep had to say about the ceremony we created together:

Thank you so much for the great support for our wedding. Thank you for coaching our friend who officiated and for all the great ideas. Without your advice and templates, it never would have been such a wonderful ceremony and celebration – a divine, joyful event of celebrating love.”

Sonam and Sandeep
The Eagle’s Nest, Bloomingberg, New York

And their friend Joanna who had never officiated a ceremony before:

I wholeheartedly recommend Shymala's services to support you in officiating a meaningful and beautiful ceremony. Shyamala attuned to my style and, through her generous acknowledgement and astute suggestions helped refine the ceremony so it was powerful, authentic and seamless. Thank you Shyamala for sharing your gracious heart, wisdom and skill to make this an extraordinary experience for all!"

Joanna – Family Celebrant for Sonam and Sandeep
  *     *     *
Annabelle and Theresa with Annabelle's father, Eric
Shyamala was such a joy to work with as we crafted our ceremony! She helped us understand our options for rituals and language that are commonly used in wedding ceremonies, and how to adapt them to fit our values. She guided us in building a ceremony that reflected ourselves and our community, and felt inclusive to all who attended. Shyamala was incredibly responsive and although we were in New York and she was in California, we were easily able to work remotely via Skype and email.

Thank you!

Annabelle and Theresa,
with Annabelle's father, Eric

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