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Friends first asked me to officiate at their wedding twenty years ago which led to many years of officiating at ceremonies of friends and relatives as my wedding present! Ceremonies For Sacred Days was created in 2010, when I moved to a beautiful old Victorian house which had a wisteria arbor in the garden. "I could do weddings here," I thought. And so I began to let it be known through Yelp and other directories. What I thought was going to be an occasional endeavor, quickly became a full time occupation in locations all over the bay area and in destinations such as New York and Mexico. And a wonderful, wonderful way to serve, create and participate in love!

It is the culmination of a lifetime of experiences! I've been a designer, a videographer, and lived and served in a spiritual community in upstate New York. Now I live in Oakland, California with my husband of over 30 years and my puppy of over 1 year.

I am ordained as a non-denominational minister and serve all faiths, traditions, beliefs and orientations because I know that we are all united at the heart and speak the same language of love. I have traveled the world and delved deeply into ancient ritual and cultural expressions of celebration in order to create and offer a new tradition for the meaningful days of the human experience.